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Who We Are

Idealists, doers, experts and seekers.

In 2007 Nau was founded on the idea that style, performance and sustainability could be friends, and we’ve never looked back. We relentlessly examine and experiment in order to design modern clothing that performs and has the least impact possible on the environment.

Inside these walls you’ll find a small, dedicated group of idealists, doers, experts and seekers from the outdoor, apparel and design industries, who share a common purpose—championing a way of doing business that can redefine what business means. We know that focusing on design and its far reaching impact can result in breakthroughs far more often than it results in compromise. We see every day as a new opportunity to innovate, step up and go big (while staying small-ish). And we always start with sustainability to create what’s next.

Why We're Here

Sustainability comes standard.

Sustainability isn’t a feature, an extra, a nice to have or marketing copy. It’s our starting point and our exploration without end. It’s woven into every raw material, every pattern and every silhouette. It’s our business model, our responsibility to our community, and it’s why we partner with and support organizations that matter. We make sure sustainability is built into everything we do.

Why? Because we believe that business can be a force for good. That considering the impact of our designs is critical. And that before we invite others to rethink how they do business, we have to be completely confident in how we run ours. That’s why we carefully look at how we develop materials, source factories and how we can influence the entire supply chain. Every link in that chain matters and every decision we make counts. Our hope is that someday the way we do business can have a larger effect on the way things are done. And what was once seen as out of the ordinary will become simply what’s expected.

We’re here because we believe that there’s never been a better time to do what we do and to make it matter than right Nau.

The People


Nick Lawrence

Marketing Manager

Nau is one of those rare brands that has a chance to change an industry and I want to be a part of it. Nau’s gonna be big, just you wait.


Tyson Wipper

Art Director

Why Nau? The people and the product—they are the very best.


Mark Galbraith

General Manager

Working with talented creative people, making beautiful functional product, challenging conventional ideas and making a difference.


Susan Srofe

Technical Designer

I love the challenges of working for a start-up company and the sustainable approach to the business model. And dogs, I love dogs, we have dogs.


Kyle Duford

Director of Ecommerce

I think Fatboy Slim said it best: Right about Nau? The funk soul brother.


Greg Keeling

Director of Sales

Why? Because Nau is an amazing group of individuals working relentlessly on a project we believe in. Because we’re doing something different that people appreciate. Also, I really like wearing nice clothes.


Lisa Koblegarde

Production Manager

It’s a privilege to come to work each day with amazing, talented people so passionate and dedicated to such an important cause.


Brett Damkroger

Operations Manager

Simply put: I enjoy wearing a variety of hats and appreciate the Nau-wide love for tacos and margaritas.


Carma Ferrier


Why? I get to design beautiful products in a like-minded environment with people that support my sugar habit.


DH Lee

Vice President

DH was too busy eating American pancakes. Check back later.


Jun Kang


Why? Destiny.


Alison Wu


Why Nau? You're standing on a bridge watching yourself go by.


Jenny Cherney

Technical Designer

¿Por que? The people and the company philosophy! Working hard and playing hard go hand in hand.


Peter Kallen


Why Nau? Passion, love, respect, beauty and to create something different.


Aurora Blanchard


Why? Because it ought to begin with the personal. At Nau, that means getting to spend most of my waking hours with crazy talented, diverse and kooky people inspired to share the Pacific Northwest ethos in everything we do.


Epiphany Couch

Customer Service

Why Nau? Craft, compassion, hard work, subtle beauty, outstanding details, good people, honesty… and we get to live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.


Bryanna Woll

Wholesale Sales & Marketing

The best of both worlds: half the time I get to sell amazing clothing, the other half we travel around and tell the Nau story. Wouldn’t have it any other way!!!


Allison Ross

Creative Director

I really appreciate how tight (in size) yet vast (in expertise) this crew is. I ask questions and learn so much from everyone each day while trying to cause as much trouble as possible.


Jamie Bainbridge

Director of Product & Sustainability

I get to solve interesting problems all day long, which I find easier to do without shoes or socks on, which is acceptable here, which is wonderful.


Kristen Olson

eCommerce Producer

Why Nau? Because clothes are fun, technology is funner, and the tirelessly creative team around me is the cherry on top.

Our Friends

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Design Principles

No matter what we’re designing, the goal is always the same: to minimize the environmental impact that our products have while making sure that function and design strike an undeniable balance.

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Our Fabrics

We’re on a never-ending quest towards something better. We work with like-minded partners to develop fabrics that truly challenge industry standards when it comes to sustainability, performance, and feel. And proven to all that sustainable fabrics can be luxurious.

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Our Partners

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