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For us, sustainable fashion means timeless colors, smart design, eco-friendly materials and simple care. For you, it means style you'll want to wear more than just one season.

To get what we (and you) want, our principles of design are rooted in a blend of beauty, performance, and sustainability.

Beauty: A passion for the aesthetic in all things.

We design for lasting beauty - product colors, details, and shapes are minimalist, modern, and timeless.

Performance: Meeting or exceeding an intended use.

We design products that protect from the elements, and establish a visual tone that allows for multifaceted use - styles look as good on city streets as they perform well in the wild.

Sustainability: Balancing the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

We design for social, material, and aesthetic sustainability.

  • Social - 2% of every sale to our humanitarian and environmental Partners for Change; cut-and-sew factories that adhere to our Code of Conduct.
  • Material - natural, renewable fibers produced in a sustainable manner; synthetic fabrics that contain high recycled content; managed toxics in all product finishes and dyes; salvaged and recycled materials for retail fixtures.
  • Aesthetic - styles and product details that are considered, timeless, and able to move seamlessly through the day and all its unpredictabilities.

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Our goal is to use design to redefine business so that it can be a force for change. We do this by making sustainability and philanthropy inherent in everything we do; by blending the tailored and the technical to craft urban and outdoor performance apparel; by pioneering premium, eco-friendly fabrics; and crafting clean, intuitive silhouettes that are built to move.
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