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Breakthrough Institute

Make Clean Energy Cheap


Breakthrough's mission is to accelerate the transition to a future where all the world's inhabitants can enjoy secure, free, and prosperous lives on an ecologically vibrant planet. 

The past fifty years have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. But 1.3 billion people still lack access to electricity and almost 900 million are undernourished, requiring us to expand access to energy, food, and water. At the same time, in order to combat climate change, we need to dramatically reduce our global carbon-dioxide emissions. And as our population grows and continues to develop economically, we need to preserve and protect the amazing range of biodiversity found on the planet.

We need new thinking to take on the big problems of our time. Given how central energy is to human well being, we believe that making dirty energy expensive is untenable for the global poor. Instead, Breakthrough's energy program is focused on making clean energy cheap through technology innovation to deal with both global warming and energy poverty. Meanwhile our conservation program is focused on how we can produce enough food for seven going on nine billion people while preserving our remaining jungles, wetlands, and savannas. 

Breakthrough Institute is shifting the debate over global warming from pollution regulations to technology innovation. Today everyone from Bill Gates to Barack Obama recognizes that direct investment in radical energy innovation is critical. Breakthrough is also reframing the way environmentalists think about conservation, away from the flawed concept of nature as separate from people and toward an acceptance of a human-constructed earth.

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