Building Resilient Economies


Across the world the systems that support human well-being are in crisis. The ability of these systems to provide for fundamental needs like food, water, and energy is increasingly uncertain--the industrial model of development is broken. Ecotrust works to address the fundamental needs of people and the ecosystems that sustain them as the starting point for a different kind of economic prosperity-one which can endure generation after generation.

Ecotrust's role is to innovate, invest and inspire. Founded in 1991, we work from California to Alaska taking inspiration and guidance from native and indigenous peoples and focusing on the natural competitive advantages of the bioregion, including forests, fisheries, and food and farms with a goal of creating systemic change.

Ecotrust measures success by the power and practice of our ideas. We convey our ideas here and abroad through stories of practice at home. Our framework is designed to support resilient local communities and ecosystems. We believe it provides a foundation for the wellbeing of people and place.

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Our goal is to use design to redefine business so that it can be a force for change. We do this by making sustainability and philanthropy inherent in everything we do; by blending the tailored and the technical to craft urban and outdoor performance apparel; by pioneering premium, eco-friendly fabrics; and crafting clean, intuitive silhouettes that are
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