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The Nau Collective

It’s true. Some things work better together—Prosecco and dark chocolate, salt and caramel, powder and skis. It’s the same in business. The more we work together, the more we can effect change. That’s why we partnered with a few like-minded companies who share our vision. Together, we’ve curated a collection of high-performance essentials to help us live a low-impact life through beautiful, refined design.

With a passion for premium denim, this Swedish clothing brand uses only 100% organically grown cotton.


Nudie Jeans

Six years ago, Nudie Jeans set a goal: to make their entire line of premium, high-quality denim using only 100% organic cotton by 2012. It's an ambitious goal. Entire supply chains have to be reevaluated, new fabrics developed, and old business practices reexamined.

We get it. We make these decisions every day. But for this Swedish-based company, they had to rethink everything-from design to manufacturing-in order to create beautiful, well-fitting denim that wouldn't compromise their style or ethics.

This season, we're proud to bring you their first collection of premium jeans crafted entirely from fine Italian and Turkish organic cotton. Clean, minimalist construction, classic European style, and none of the bad stuff.


New England-based shoemaker specializing in work-wear inspired footwear rooted in traditional American bootmaking.


Timberland Boot Co

Unlike apparel, crafting high quality sustainable footwear is much more complicated. Adhesives are used to fuse multiple materials that undergo tremendous wear and tear. Timberland understands this and has been making strides in sustainability over the past ten years. That's one reason why we partnered with the New England-based shoemaker. Another reason: they've been preserving and perfecting the art of traditional American bootmaking for nearly 60 years. 

This season, we bring you Timberland Boot Company's Eastern Standard Collection which uses locally sourced materials, hand built by Maine artisans to create high-quality, vintage-style boots. Starting Spring 2013, we will feature their Earthkeepers® Collection which uses hand-dyed, LWG-rated leathers, water-based adhesives, and recycled rubber outsoles to build footwear the way it used to be made-by hand.

The epitome of Japanese innovation and craftsmanship, Snow Peak offers handcrafted, luxury products for the home and the outdoors.


Snow Peak

We partnered with our friends at Snow Peak for a reason; they design beautiful products for the natural world. They also adhere to the same fundamental principals of beauty, performance and sustainability that we do. For over 50 years, these Japanese artisans have hand-crafted premium stoves, kitchenware and high-quality cutlery which reflect centuries of Japanese innovation and traditional craftsmanship. They procure only high-quality, low-impact materials- stainless steel, lightweight titanium, and sustainable hardwoods-to design beautiful, durable goods which last from generation to generation.

This season, Snow Peak has partnered with well-known local craftsmen to design a rare collection of Japanese knives and accessories using traditional knife-forging methods. We're honored to bring this collection to you.

Family owned, Northwest company crafting high-quality, locally sourced, 100% virgin wool products for nearly 150 years.



You say wool. We say Pendleton. The words are synonymous. And it's not surprising. For the past 150 years, our Eastern Oregon neighbors have been weaving plaids and jacquards into everyday American life. With heritage-influenced designs reminiscent of pioneering America, Pendleton has created a legacy of high quality craftsmanship.

This season, we bring you their Cradle-to-Cradle certified Eco Wise blankets handmade in the same woolen mills the classic Pendletons have been made for over a century.

Klean Kanteen's mission is to minimize single-use cups and plastic water bottles with their line of toxin-free, stainless steel, beverage holders.


Klean Kanteen

Their mission was simple from the start: "to build a reusable water bottle that changes the way people drink (and think)." And so the father and son duo cobbled together-what would be become-the first stainless steel water bottle. Eight years later, their combination of BPA-free, toxin-free, food-grade materials eliminate the need for paints, plastics or rubber seals, making it the most environmentally safe, non-toxic water bottle on the market.

Of course, this alone, is reason enough to partner with the sustainable bottle makers. But then you take a closer look at the high quality design and materials used, and well, we wanted to put our name on it, too.



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Our goal is to use design to redefine business so that it can be a force for change. We do this by making sustainability and philanthropy inherent in everything we do; by blending the tailored and the technical to craft urban and outdoor performance apparel; by pioneering premium, eco-friendly fabrics; and crafting clean, intuitive silhouettes that are built to move.
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