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Our Philosophy

We believe that business can be a force for good, an engine for positive and profound change. From the beginning we set out to prove that sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromise and that performance isn’t shorthand for ‘devoid of style’. And the more we demonstrate that, the more we can show that how things have always been done isn’t the only way things can be done. That’s why we consider the environmental impact of our products long before needle ever meets fabric. We think about function and form as equal partners so we’re creating only what is essential with as little waste as possible. And we believe in donating a percentage of our sales to organizations that do important work for the environment, people in need, our environment and the global economy. Because sustainability isn’t just about product, it’s about people.

Sustainability comes standard in every product we make. It’s not something we add on or offset, instead we weave it into every single piece we design. Whether it’s protecting you in the wilderness or in the wilds of the city, our fabrics are designed to blow away expectations of what a sustainable, technical piece can feel like to wear and move in. And we believe in durability as an important component of sustainability, because the longer you use it the less stuff you need.


Style, to us, is a combination of confidence and sophisticated design. We craft clean, modern, minimalist clothing and accessories that protect our customers from the elements while maintaining a high standard of aesthetics.


Performance, to us, is where innovation meets versatility — to move effortlessly and protect relentlessly. It also needs to stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically. We challenge the idea that performance needs to look technical.


Sustainability, to us, is the only way forward. We design for social, material and aesthetic sustainability. We consider the impact of each choice we make at every business level and push for each decision to be better than the last.

Sustainability starts here.

The never-ending quest for better.

Every season we work with like-minded partners to develop fabrics that truly challenge industry standards. At every step in the supply chain we’re faced with two choices—good or better. That’s the reality when it comes to sustainability. And we’ll always be on a never-ending quest towards better. Better performance, less impact, better drape or softer feel on the skin, we’ll take every opportunity to improve our fabrics. Because better is always better than good.

Sustainability can be luxurious.

That’s a surprising statement to a lot of people, but not to us. We know firsthand that when you push to create high quality fabrics that have to tick a lot of boxes — minimal environmental impact, soft to the touch, incredible performance in the elements and so much more—that the results can be astounding. Our hope is that the more people can experience how luxurious these functional and premium fabrics are, the easier the shift to better fabrics will be for both our customers and for an entire industry.

Our Fabrics

Making better choices leads to making more sustainable fabrics.

The way we approach sustainability is as a series of decisions. It’s not black and white, it’s a lot of shades of gray, one right after the other. We continuously look at the impact of our fabrics through several lenses including air quality, water usage, and toxicity. And in that mix, we also have to consider how each of those decisions could impact performance or the look and feel of each material. It’s an ongoing conversation with our partners and with each other. And we always strive to make the best decisions we possibly can every step of the way.

Our fabrics are created with partners who share our views and believe that real performance and luxury can be an expectation that we all have for sustainable fabrics. These fabrics are groundbreaking, versatile, durable and a complete pleasure to handle and wear. They drape like nobody’s business, protect in the fiercest of weather and bring serious sophistication to hard working performance pieces. And when we look at it like that, we feel like so far we’ve made some really good decisions.


Natural, renewable, and versatile. We love wool because it keeps you warm, dry and comfortable in a wide range of conditions.

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Waterproof Wool

A superior natural fiber, we bonded beautiful wool with a breathable laminate to make it naturally insulating and waterproof.

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Organic Cotton

Soft and breathable, we blend it with high performance fabrics for softness that’s unheard of in technical garments.

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Recycled Polyester

The most sustainable fiber for making weather-resistant outerwear, it's incredibly versatile and durable.

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Merino Wool

Naturally odor resistant, wicking, and incredibly soft; we make sure the sheep it comes from are treated with care.

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Superb for technical base layers, this sustainable fiber is as soft as cotton, wicks moisture like a champ, and dries quickly.

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Super fine and incredibly soft, it has the softness of silk, the breathability of cotton, and a gorgeous fluidity.

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Synthetic Insulation

This fiber retains heat, dries faster, resists odors and provides the highest synthetic warmth-to-weight ratio.

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Goose Down

Goose down offers the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any insulation, but we made sure it was ethical and traceable.

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Recycled Down

We're partnered with a French company to clean, rejuvinate, sort and re-use high-quality down in our 650-fill jackets.

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Responsible Down Standard

We're certifying all of our 800-fill down products to ensure confidence in our down sourcing for all non-recycled down.

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French Terry

From a blend of organic cotton, Tencel and a pinch of spandex for stretch, our new French terry line is soft and comfortable.

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