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French Terrycloth

French Terrycloth
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French Terrycloth

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We’ve come to expect more from our favorite pieces. Busy schedules and adventurous lifestyles require the function and versatility from fabrics that offer comfort and performance all while looking amazing. Our fabrics have become hybrids by combining relaxed wearability with functional form – our Elementerry French terry is the ultimate example.

We’ve taken the idea of a traditional French terry and improved on it by combining refined sophistication and compact construction. Using the sustainability of organic cotton, the drape and smoothness of Tencel while adding a bit of stretch for mobility, this fabric is naturally breathable and smooth with just enough movement. Since both are plant based, organic cotton and Tencel create a compatible cellulosic fiber system within the fabric – both offering attributes like wicking and breathability. Tencel is technically engineered to hold its form while cotton contributes casual comfort. The natural base of this fabric makes it washable and convenient for travel.

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