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Goose Down

Goose down offers the highest warmth-to-weight ratio than any other natural or synthetic insulation. However, it also presents an ethical challenge in traceability.

There's a reason why goose down is the preferred source of insulation in the outdoor industry: It's a renewable resource that offers high-loft warmth without the bulk and weight of alternative natural and synthetic insulation. It's also highly compressible.

The biggest challenge of goose down is tracing the material back to the farm level. Currently, we source only the highest grades of down-800-fill and 650-fill- for their premium performance benefits. We can only trace the down we use to Eastern Europe and China at this time. Since traceability is an integral part of our commitment to sustainability, we buy our down from a reputable processor, who is working with Nau, as well as the rest of the outdoor industry, to build more transparency into the supply chain.