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Merino Wool

We love Merino wool for its exceptional quality and renewable nature, but we're careful to make sure that the sheep shorn for us are treated with the utmost care and consideration.

As a renewable resource, wool's ability to keep you dry, warm and comfortable across a wide range of environments makes it one of the most versatile materials around. This natural fiber is naturally odor resistant, helps regulate body temperature, moves moisture away from the skin and offers next-to-skin softness. Not to mention, all of our Merino wool is machine washable.

We also work hard to ensure that all of our Merino wool is 100% traceable and of 18.9-micron fineness. It comes from non-mulesed sheep raised on sustainable farms verified through independent audits to maintain the highest standards of animal health and welfare, as well as land and water use.

Most of our Merino wool comes from New Merino certified farms in Australia and ZQUE-certified farms in New Zealand. These farms are required to provide the proper health and welfare of their sheep, maintain a healthy, viable ecosystem, provide social and economic welfare for their employees and communities, including a sustainable pricing structure and maintain traceability standards while producing the highest quality wools.