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We're always looking for sustainable fibers that offer a fine hand and superb performance characteristics while making as small an environmental footprint as possible. So far, TencelĀ® delivers on all three.

We discovered Tencel in our quest to create a technical baselayer that was as soft (if not softer than) cotton, wicked moisture, dried quickly, was comfortable next to the skin and fit our sustainable materials criteria.

Made from the pulp of sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, Tencel is a regenerating, cellulose fiber that is manufactured using an extremely efficient, closed-loop system. It is processed using a non-toxic, organic solvent solution of which 98% of the materials used are recovered and reused. This not only makes Tencel the most eco-friendly, renewable fiber, but it also creates a fabric that's soft and comfortable with neutral electric properties.

Our collection features two Tencel fabric blends. We blended the soft fibers of Tencel with organic cotton to create a fabric with a luxurious drape, soft feel and beautiful, visual heathered effect. Our 50/50 blend of fine Merino wool and Tencel combines the warmth and odor resistance of wool with the silky hand of Tencel to create a lightweight, baselayer fabric with an easy drape, soft touch and surprising warmth.

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